Portable Water Filter with Ceramic Purifier for Outdoor, Survival Equipment, Hiking, and Camping.

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This portable ceramic, multi stage, water filter is great item to have if you backpack, camp, or travel where there is a chance that you won't have access to safe, clean water.  It is a must have item in your survival bug out bag in case of emergency. 


  • Turns  lake, river and rain  water into drinking water.
  • Unique dual ceramic membranes cartridge with mean pore size of 0.1 micron, it can filters out particles down to 0.1 micron.
  • 99.9999% removes bacteria in water like Escherichia E-coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Typhi, Vibrio Cholerae, Legionella Pneumophila, etc.
  • Removes suspended contaminants like algae, worms and dusts, etc.
  • Effectively reduce the concentration of harmful heavy metal ions and organic micropollutant in water.
  • Environment friendly: reusable filter cartridge.
  • Portable: Great for travelling, and can easily be carried in a backpack..
  • Great for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, climbing, traveling, emergency.

1) The ceramic cartridge is filled with NMC. It is normal that The water output may be black at the first use. The water can be used after pumping and discarding the first 0.5 liter water.
2) The water Output may be cloudy sometimes because of air bubble. It's normal and will disappear and clarity will return after a few minutes .
3) When reusing filter after long-term storage, please pump and discard the first 0.5 liter water.
4) Ceramic capacity depends on water quality. The dirtier the water the more often you will have to clean the ceramic. To extend ceramic filter life, please always use the best water source available.
5) Do not use this filter for really contaminated  water.

  • Package Weight: 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
  • Package Size: 22cm x 11cm x 7cm (8.66in x 4.33in x 2.76in)